About Me

Being a care-companion is a wonderful job! Most days it doesn't even feel like work. There is nothing better than seeing "my senior's" smiling face when I walk in the door. 
I look at the older generation and think, what if that were my parents?
How would I want them to be cared for if my family was not able to?
I believe that they deserve dignity and quality of life.

The personal values that I have learned, developed and maintained over my lifetime, which are so important when helping others are confidentiality, being a great listener, patience, and having an upbeat positive attitude. Sometimes, this can be difficult of course, but I am able to put my "stuff" away, and realize that I am there for the other person first and foremost.

Through the years I have taken a volunteer counseling program and a Boundaries course which have taught me a lot about myself first of all, then to apply the lessons learned to others.  I have also enjoyed being involved within my church community, helping and walking along side of people.  Such simple acts of love to show someone that you care can be:  A smile to brighten their day, conversation and a good laugh over a cup of tea, and a walk in the sunshine.  Seniors (anyone actually) just want to feel special and I love doing that!